Warranty Information

Simple. Fast. Effective.
Follow These Simple Steps to file for your warranty:

1.  Purchase the needed part(s)

2.  Repair your vehicle
  • Gather Failure or defect evidence along with preapprovals when applicable
  • Perform repairs or use one of our McNeilus/Oshkosh Branches or Authorized Warranty Service Centers and retain parts until claim disposition is complete
  • Repairs need to be made within 30 days from the failure date

3.  Complete and submit a single warranty claim form per truck within 30 days of repair
  • Complete your claim through One Warranty or with a warranty claim form - please indicate if the claim is for a replacement part or original equipment
  • Email or fax (507-374-6863) the warranty claim form to the McNeilus / Oshkosh Warranty Department (warrantyclaims@mcneilusco.com
  • Warranty team members will review your claim for legitimacy and completeness
  • McNeilus will generate warranty claim number
  • If no parts are required for return or non-warranty, claim is approved or denied

4.  If applicable, obtain a Return Goods Authorization, and clean and prepare the old part for shipment
  • Part return required:  RGA is generated and forwarded to customer with return instructions
  • Customer follows instructions and returns parts to McNeilus / Oshkosh Warranty
  • Part(s) are received and evaluated by McNeilus warranty and claim processed with disposition
  • Customer receives disposition: credit/denial which can be viewed on the One Warranty site
5.  If you have any questions about warranty or the process, please contact the Warranty Department at 507-374-8837